We believe in supporting more than just ourselves.

Giving Back

Here at Future Accounting a portion of our profits goes to charities, both local and global. A few of these charities are listed below. In addition, we complete a number of charities annual financial statements at significantly reduced rates.

If you would like to see if you fit our criteria, please contact us today.

Charities we support

Children's Charities

World Vision

Children are the future so we obviously want to support them! We support both KidsCan and World Vision.

KidsCan are a great New Zealand charity supporting our vulnerable children. They are trying to ensure our future generations aren’t left behind.
World Vision supports children overseas where the basics we take for granted are lacking for entire communities.

Cancer Society

Cancer Society

We all know people who have been affected by cancer.

The Cancer Society provide hope and support to New Zealanders living with cancer.

Discounted Services

The Charities Commission have very prescribed formats for annual financial statements. We have a thorough understanding of these and can ensure you meet these criteria, sometimes at heavily discounted rates.


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